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Technology Stack

Swiss Startup Tech

We live in a highly digitized world. To stay competitive, great ideas, products and services are not enough any longer.

In order to remain ahead of the game, processes and workflows need to be digital and function across all applications from web to mobile. Whether you are looking to improve your operations and backend, or you need one solution across all channels, we’ve got you covered. We put ourselves in your shoes to learn about your challenges. Then we start digging deep and design streamlined solutions based on your requirements and on clean codes. After all we want to deliver what you need – an intuitive product that is easy to integrate in your existing system and that requires little maintenance.

As a technology-driven team we constantly experiment with and improve new programming languages, frameworks and tools while always keeping compliance regulations in mind. Yet we tend to be very pragmatic when choosing technology stack for our projects and focus on scalable future-proof solutions. Here is an overview of our common setups:

Native & Hybrid Mobile Development


We support you both with native and hybrid mobile apps – because after all, it is all about great user experience and clean codebase.

Backend Development


We pay a very high attention on building the core of our solutions with stability, operability and scalability in mind by using leading programming languages and frameworks.

Hosting, CI/CD & Cloud


We use established global tools for hosting, deploying and managing your infrastructure so you can streamline your operations more effectively.

Relational & NoSQL Database Management


We make use of clear data structures saved in market leading storage solutions to grow your system and enhance your data management for improved processing and visibility.