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We empower teams to develop their ideas on a highly efficient level. Our experienced team will prepare all necessary designs and prototypes to validate the idea first by testing it with the potential customers. Only after a successful validation we are preparing a personally tailored product development strategy based on frequent iterations, clear expectations and well-defined milestones. We ship frequently and never stop listening to you and to your customers’ feedback.

We use modern software development methodologies to craft compliant state-of-the-art applications with intuitive user interfaces. Thanks to our quality assurance standards we are able to achieve the best possible solutions and deliver scalable and future-proof solutions for our customers.


No matter at what stage, every product requires continuous development. Sometimes in an early phase of product development, people tend to neglect the quality of the product in favor of an earlier go-to-market. We support teams that are refactoring their products by introducing improved architecture, cleaner codebase and faster applications.

We are happy to become an extension of your team and help you bring your solution to the next level for global scale. Our team is dedicated to improving your infrastructure by reviewing and solving bottlenecks both in architecture and data modelling so you can offer the best-possible solution to your customers.

Swiss Startup Tech
Swiss Startup Tech


Businesses today increasingly adopt innovative technology for their everyday procedures. They optimize processes by using mobile apps, machine learning and internet of things. We support you in adopting those technologies and mapping them for specific use-cases.

Many (physical) products do not yet utilize the full potential of the digital age. The same is true for companies that still rely on traditional systems and applications in their daily work. We analyze the status quo and come up with a roadmap to enter the digital space. We iteratively analyze business processes and find the best possible solution for particular optimizations. Our goal is to reduce any physical interaction to a minimum so that you can spend more time on important core tasks and product development instead of recurring tedious manual tasks.