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Swiss Startup Tech

The future is digital? Think twice!

We have arrived in the digitized age some time ago and if you don’t want to lose customers or lag behind the competition due to outdated solutions, you should not wait any longer. The time to act is now.

Take your existing processes and transform them to offer intuitive, trackable and speedy experiences. Be disruptive by offering innovative digital strategies, effortless user experiences and a seamless integration across all channels.

Web & Mobile Applications

Our team has a lot of experience building customer-tailored mobile and web applications by using cutting-edge technology. We focus on both developing new and optimizing existing applications. Entertainment, eCommerce, SaaS, ERP or CRM - we are eager to know your setup and support you with our experience on the journey to your future digital solutions.

Web & Mobile Applications
Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things (IoT)

You are in search of an industry 4.0 or smart connected solution that is up to the newest standards and covers a wide range of requirements and applications? Look no further! We are here to support you in finding the right approach and tailoring your smart solutions all the way from general smart applications to wearables.

Different Reality

Whether you are in need of a virtual-reality application or you prefer augmented reality, or you require a mix of both, we are here to support and advise. We develop playful and/or educational experiences that lack neither innovative and integrable design nor intuitive functionality.

Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality
Blockchain & Smart Contracts


One system from start to finish or different applications for every step of the process – we create dedicated solutions tailored to our customers’ needs, all the way from supply chain management and ownership tracking to smart contracts.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

You may not be aware of it, but artificial intelligence and machine learning are an integral part of our daily lives. We have all the right solutions for you if you want to implement technologies in order to optimize your processes and improve customer engagement and satisfaction – be it CRM, HR & recruiting or data analysis.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning