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About us


We believe that our mission and clear objectives are the seeds for our success. Without any compromise, we take full responsibility for every promise we make or commitment we take. We stand behind each product developed by our company and our partners.

Our common goal is to provide a full lifecycle product development by establishing long-term relationships with our partners and supporting them through their innovation journey.


Our team is entirely made up of product builders who strive to serve companies that see the world differently and want to make an impact by introducing new innovative digital solutions. We are excited about the opportunity to support our customers in defining, validating and building their disruptive ideas.

Our projects are well defined and always include a concise mission statement followed by clear objectives that our team wants to achieve. We admire our employees’ creativity and accountability, and we empower them to take responsibility for different areas of our business.

Our Values

In addition to our customer centricity we are guided by a very clear culture and value-driven leadership. We believe that common values lead to stronger synergy between our employees and partners.

We are authentic

We are fearless

We are energetic

We are awesome

Become a part of our journey

“We hire for will and train for skill.”

We believe in people who exhibit an extra pinch of eager motivation to develop themselves rapidly over a short period of time and are ready to give their all on the way to becoming future rock stars of the digital world.

EQ (emotional quotient)

What is your guidance to understand peoples emotions, doubts and motivation? What do you value in communication and relationship building?

CQ (cultural quality)

What significance do the company you work for and the people you work with have in your life?

IQ (intellectual quotient)

How do you approach new challenges at work? Are you keen on spending time and learning something new outside of your domain?

EL (energy level)

How do you refill your energetic level and recharge the power? What drains you and what – apart from coffee – fuels your energy levels?

EKS (experience, knowledge, skills)

How do you employ your experience, knowledge and skills in order to leave a lasting impact and reach results?